Install MySQL 5.6 Database Server Using Repository In Linux

Install MySQL 5.6 Database Server Using Repository In Linux

If you want to Install MySQL 5.6 Database server in Linux using repository, MySQL 5.5 version would be installed from default repository & Configure MySQL server and also enable MySQL service Linux. you will need to install MySQL client.

For installing specific version, you need to download or create a repository for the same. MySQL server most widely used database server. This is easy to configure and having good performance among them other database servers but you can’t restore the same database name in different database name.

So I’m going to install 5.6 version here using the repository from MySQL. you can manually download and install the server Once you forgot the root password and not able to retrieve this so, there’s a way to get the password from log file called mysql.log.

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Step 1 : Create a repository file,

vim /etc/yum.repos.d/mysql.repo

configure mysql server

Step 2 : MySQL Server installation with client,

yum install mysql mysql-server -y

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Step 3 : Start and enable MySQL service Linux

systemctl start mysqld && systemctl enable mysqld

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Install MySQL 5.6 Database

That’s it. 

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