How To Upgrade Ubuntu Desktop From 18.04 To 19.04

How To Upgrade Ubuntu Desktop From 18.04 To 19.04

if you’re looking for to upgrade the Ubuntu desktop to the current version 19.04. So you can do this with software up-gradation option available in Ubuntu. Let’s see how to upgrade Ubuntu desktop.

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First of all, you need to update and upgrade packages on your machine. If there’s any update so install them before performing up-gradation.

Now Click on continue, if you face any issue in up-gradation so just remove those packages using sudo apt autoremove package_name 

After updating all the packages, you must be seeing upgrade options and just click on it to start the process.

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This will start the upgrade process and click on upgrade

This will take few hours to complete the process, in my case it took 4 hrs.

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Clock on upgrade

This will lock screen so you won’t be able to perform any task during this process.

upgrade started and just wait for completing.

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It will ask you to reboot the machine and now upgraded to new version 19.04.

You’re done.

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