How To Install Prometheus Monitoring Tool On Linux

How To Install Prometheus Monitoring Tool On Linux

Prometheus is an open-source monitoring system with a dimensional data model, efficient time-series database and alerting approach. Let’s see, how to install the Prometheus monitoring tool in Linux. so

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we will create a system user for Prometheus and it will run as a non-root user. so

useradd -m -s /bin/false prometheus

grep prometheus /etc/passwd

How To Install Prometheus

Create a directory under these two locations and also change the ownership to Prometheus. so

mkdir /etc/prometheus

mkdir /var/lib/prometheus

chown prometheus /var/lib/prometheus/

prometheus monitoring tool install

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I have already downloaded the package and you can also use the below command to get it. so


Once download completed, extract the tarball file.

tar -xvf prometheus-2.15.2.linux-amd64.tar.gz

prometheus monitoring tool

you can see the list directory using tree command.

install prometheus in linux

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we need to copy Prometheus YAML file to /etc/prometheus/

cp -rfvp prometheus.yml /etc/prometheus/

monitoring tool prometheus

we need to copy these two binary files Prometheus & promtool to /usr/local/bin/

cp -rfvp prometheus promtool /usr/local/bin/

Allow the port 9090 in the firewall.

firewall-cmd --permanent --add-port=9090/tcp

firewall-cmd –reload

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To manage Prometheus, we need to create a service.

vim /etc/systemd/system/prometheus.service


Description=Prometheus Time Series Collection and Processing Server






## change the these lines where you have kept the download setup


 --config.file /etc/prometheus/prometheus.yml 

 --storage.tsdb.path /var/lib/prometheus/ 




run the below command to take effect,

systemctl daemon-reload

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Now start the Prometheus service.

systemctl start prometheus && systemctl enable prometheus

netstat -tnlp

you have to access Prometheus using your serverip:9090

Click on status then targets

you will see the information about your machine.

You’re done

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